Flooding In Your Barn? 4 Reasons To Use Professional Restoration

When most homeowners experience flooding in their home, they recognize the value of quickly calling for professional help with restoration. But should you attempt to DIY flood cleanup in your farm's outbuildings, such as the barn? Or should you seek out help with that too? The answer is probably 'yes', and here are a few key reasons why.

1. Floods Undermine Structure. The entire purpose of a barn is to house something of value. And for that, the barn must be sound structurally. Flood water undermines the materials it touches, making them pliable, rotten, and cracked. It can get into a foundation to cause further damage to the most basic part of the barn. Many barns are made from wood, which is particularly susceptible to mold, rot, and warping. 

2. The Barn Is an Investment. Barns are not cheap. A standard 30' x 40' barn costs an average of about $45,000 to build. And that doesn't include all the upgrades you may have added, the interior structures (such as stables or storage), and tools or equipment stored inside. When you add up the value of your barn, you'll see that it is an investment you should protect in the same way you would protect the money invested in your home.

3. Mold is a Health Issue. Untreated water eventually forms mold and mildew — both of which are dangerous to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. You spend time in the barn, as do family members or farm workers. And if you have animals living inside or near it, they are also at risk of health problems. But mold is often difficult to fully prevent or remove because it grows where it may not be visible. If the barn has any hidden locations where moisture can gather, you may not discover mold until it's too late to fix or save the barn.  

4. You Prepare for the Future. Cleanup after a flooding incident is not just about preventing the loss of the building. It can also be about preventing the next problem. A good flood damage contractor will assess what happened, get damage repaired, and then look for adjustments that make the barn safer. This might include things like grading the exterior landscape, adding better drainage options, repairing old water pipes, or replacing damage with waterproof materials. 

Obviously, your finances, your livestock, and your health are protected when you rely on a pro to help with barn cleanup. Want to learn more? Consult with a contractor who specializes in flood damage services today. 

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