5 Subtle Signs Your Parking Lot May Need To Be Re-Striped

Does your parking lot need to be re-striped? Most commercial property owners know that the lot should be repainted when the lines aren't visible any longer. But did you know that there are a few other, much more subtle indications that it's time to re-stripe? Here are a few things to look out for.

1. Haphazard Parking.

If drivers don't make efficient use of the parking spaces and traffic patterns, your lot may not be able to handle its full capacity and pedestrians could be in danger. So if cars are parking haphazardly or sloppily, they may not be able to properly follow your parking lot striping. Look for patterns of parking behavior over time rather than individual instances.

2. Low Visibility in Weather.

When it's sunny outside, most drivers can easily see even badly faded paint. But what happens in your lot when it's raining, snowing, cloudy at night, or foggy? If striping isn't easily visible during inclement weather, drivers will park less efficiently and may not be able to follow the traffic directions. Reduce your liability by ensuring paint can always be seen.

3. Damage to Wheel Stops.

Another subtle indicator of insufficient painting is the condition of wheel stops. Why? Simply put, if a driver can't easily see the wheel stop or the lines directing them to the right parking position, they are more likely to run into the wheel stop and scrape or damage it.

4. Crumbling Asphalt.

The top layer of an asphalt lot constantly suffers wear and tear. Eventually, this wear and tear will create a crumbling effect that will interfere with the appearance of stripes and lettering. Gaps appear in what once were solid, easily identifiable lines. Even if the majority of the lines are still visible, blank spots and holes will cause confusion among drivers and pedestrians alike.

5. Disregard of Rules.

Do you notice a high number of vehicles that disregard the rules for handicapped spots? What about the fishbone sections that should never be parked in or the 20-minute rule in certain spots? Drivers generally do try to follow the rules and likely aren't simply being belligerent. They may, in fact, not fully understand the lot rules. Try being more clear by boosting stripes, road lettering, and advance signage.

Has your lot suffered any of these less obvious indicators of striping issues? If so, start improving today by meeting with a commercial parking lot maintenance service in your area. Your customers, employees, and lessees will thank you.

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