Can You Save Old Hardwood Flooring?

If your old hardwood flooring looks damaged, you may wonder if you can save it. Although hardwood flooring can be difficult to repair, it isn't impossible. With the right efforts and methods, you can save your flooring. Learn how you can save your old hardwood flooring below.

Go Barefoot

Sneakers, high heels, and even hard-soled flats can damage flooring over time. Shoes can leave behind scuffs, scratches, and indentations in your flooring. Dirt and other debris can also mark up or scratch your flooring. If you monitor the foot traffic on your flooring, or even go barefoot, you may be able to limit the damage in your hardwood.

When visitors or guests arrive to your home, ask them to remove their foot wear. If some guests can't tolerate walking barefoot, ask them to wear soft-soled slippers. Slippers can help reduce stress on your floors. You may wish to keep slippers on hand for the smallest guests or family members in your home.

Going barefoot can help, but it may not be enough. If your hardwood flooring looks buckled, lifted, or peeled, you may wish to refinish it.

Refinish Your Floors

Even finished or sealed flooring can fade or peel with time. If the panels lift or raise up from the base of your floor, it could be dangerous for kids, pets, and older individuals. Refinishing your flooring now can help keep your floors and everyone who walks on it safe.

There are many steps to refinishing hardwood flooring. During the first step, you may need to sand down the surface of the flooring. Sanding helps removes imperfections, such as splinters and scratches from the floors' surface. However, depending on the size of your home and amount of damage in your flooring it may take a great deal of time and preparation to sand the wood completely. In this case, you can hire a flooring company to refinish your flooring for you.

A flooring company can also replace warped, lifted, or damaged panels in your flooring. This step of the project may require a contractor to order the new panels for you. After a company replaces the damaged panels, they'll refinish your floors.

A company may use different types of refinishing products on your flooring, including sealers and resins. The type of products used on your flooring may depend on the color and age of your wood. A contracting company can go over the best options for your hardwood flooring when they visit your home.

For more information about refinishing your hardwood flooring, consult a flooring company such as Alpine Wood Flooring Inc soon.

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