The Homeowner's Guide To Water System Maintenance To Prevent Problems

If you rely on a well to get water to your home, there is maintenance that needs to be done. Routine maintenance will help prevent problems with water quality and equipment failures. Some of the upkeep that needs to be done includes checking the pressure tank, flushing the casing, and revising equipment. The following guide to water system maintenance will help you understand your well system better and the upkeep it needs:

Caring for the Well Filtration System

Many modern wells have filtration systems. These systems can be something as simple as a water softener system, or they may be more complicated water purification systems. This filtration system needs to be maintained by changing the filtration medium and routinely checking the system to ensure it is clean and functioning properly. If there is a problem with the quality of water coming from your well, you will probably need to have this system checked.

Flushing Casing to Renovate an Old Well

Flushing the casing is something that may need to be done for several reasons. It could be due to the well not charging as it should, or it could be due to other problems with contamination. If you are having a problem with dirty water coming out of faucets, contact a water system maintenance service for help flushing the well and getting rid of this contamination.

Pressure Tanks and Control Switches

The well pump needs to have a system to control the pressure on water lines. This is done with a pressure tank that has a baffle valve inside of it. The valve sends a signal to the control switch to turn the pump on when you use the water. These systems need to be checked regularly and maintenance done to the pressure tank to ensure it is working correctly.

Maintaining Your Well Pump to Keep Water Flowing

The well pump is another system that needs to be maintained. You want to have the flow rate checked, and the pump maintained to ensure it is getting water to your home. If the pump is old and outdated, you may need to have a water systems maintenance service replace it for a more efficient and reliable model.

These are some of the things that you need to know about the maintenance that your well system needs. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, contact a water system maintenance service like Golden Gate Well Drilling & Water Conditioning to keep the water flowing to your household plumbing.

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