Three Reasons Why You Should Hire A Timber Bridge Building Company

Timber bridges are one of the oldest and most reliable forms of bridges available on the planet. If you are in need of a company that can build you a bridge, here are three reasons why you should consider a timber bridge-building company.

Relatively Low Cost

Timber can reduce the costs that you have when building a bridge as it requires less labor and less time. Timber is lighter and easier to work with than concrete or other building materials, so you won't need as many materials nor as many workers. Plus, many companies that work with timber find that the time taken to work is shorter than with other materials, further reducing costs. Additionally, while timber as a material is somewhat more expensive than concrete, the costs are stable over time. If you are looking to reduce costs, consider a timber bridge building company.

Renewable Materials

One of the greatest advantages of using a timber bridge building company is that the materials are renewable compared to most other ones. While there is a lot of limestones, carbon, and other materials that make up steel and concrete present on the earth, there is still a limit on what's available. Plus, mining has far more negative effects on the environment compared to logging, as it requires more material, more movement of earth, and more heavy equipment and personnel to handle. Additionally, modern timber is made from young trees that can be regrown relatively quickly as well. If you are concerned with the environmental impact of your construction work, consider calling a timber bridge company.

Fire Resistance - Really!

Finally, one of the best reasons for investing in a timber bridge is that timber is remarkably fire-resistant even compared to other materials. Modern timber used in construction can char on the outside when in contact with high temperatures while still protecting the exterior of the bridge, allowing the material to last for over three hours. For comparison, building codes generally require a minimum of two hours without a complete collapse. This is without any external protectants, such as gypsum wallboard or anything else that could further protect the bridge. Timber bridges can withstand the high temperatures that a fire brings while still remaining structurally sound.

There are many reasons to hire the services of a timber bridge building company over other companies that use different construction materials. Not only are timber bridges a gorgeous choice for any environment, but they cut costs when being built, lower the environmental impact of construction, and provide a measure of fire resistance you may not expect. If you are in need of a bridge made out of great bridge material, call a timber bridge building company today. 

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