Basement Waterproofing Solutions For Renovations, Repairs, And Preventing Water Problems

If you have a finished basement that has been damaged by water issues, it is probably time to start renovations. Before you can begin renovations and repairs, you are going to need to address issues with drainage and waterproofing systems. Make sure that the repairs and upgrades to the waterproofing system help stop problems. Here are some of the things that you should consider for basement waterproofing before you begin renovations and repairs:

  • Repairing cracks and other damage to the foundation—The foundation of your home is vulnerable to cracks due to structural failures, soil movement, and static pressure caused by groundwater filtering through the soil. The problems with the cracks need to be repaired before you can continue with other improvements that need to be done to waterproofing. You need to have a foundation repair service fix this damage when you get ready to repair the basement and waterproof the walls.
  • Updating drainage systems that contribute to water problems—There are drainage systems inside and outside of your basement that can also fail and cause problems. You want to revise these systems and repair any damaged drain pipes or other problems. The drainage systems can also be improved by adding additional lines and improving the design to help keep water away from your foundation, where it can cause serious problems.
  • Identifying problem areas that need waterproofing improvements—The waterproofing of your basement may have areas that are more vulnerable to leaks and failures than other areas. Therefore, you want to make sure to evaluate these problem areas and decide on the repairs to prevent future problems. You may need to upgrade drainage, improve waterproofing, and take other measures to make these areas of your foundation less vulnerable to problems. These improvements will help prevent problems that cause waterproofing failures and structural damage. 
  • Improvements that stop static water pressure and structural damage—The static water pressure can also cause problems with your foundation. This is a force that is caused by the groundwater that filters through the soils. This pressure needs to be reduced by improving the drainage and basement waterproofing. Today, there are also specially designed waterproofing systems that help reduce problems with static water pressure that causes damage to foundations.

The waterproofing repairs are important to prepare your home for the renovations and repairs that need to be done. Contact a basement waterproofing service, like J.A. Kilby Enterprises Inc, for help with updating your foundation before you complete the restorations and repairs that need to be done.

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