Is Your Air Conditioner Failing To Keep The House Cool? Get A Service Tune Up And Inspection Today

When your air conditioner fails to provide cold air and cool temperatures throughout the warmer weather months but it's still running and costing you money, it's time to make a service call. You could be causing the unit more damage and wasting money if you are running it and there is something wrong.

There are different components on an air conditioner that commonly need to be repaired or replaced. Here are some of the things that you want to talk with the air conditioning company about, and you want to get the unit tuned up while the professionals are there.

Coil Problems

The condenser coil and evaporator coil are important components that can get dirty, rusted or loose over time. While the air conditioning service professionals are inside the unit cleaning and evaluating, they will be able to check these components. If these need to be replaced, this could be causing the problems you have with your ac unit.

Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak in the unit will be easy to detect because the internal components of the unit will be frozen, and the unit most likely will not be working. If the fan, coils, condenser, and compressor are all contaminated by the refrigerant leak, they can't work properly and are likely frozen or damaged.  If there is no cold air coming through the vents and the unit isn't running, this could be a likely cause.

Damaged Blower Mower

A blower mower inside of an HVAC appliance will push the cold air into the ducts and throughout the house. If this unit isn't functioning at 100 percent capacity, the air may be trapped inside the air condition unit or just outside of it, causing humidity concerns and other problems. The service team will do a check on the blower mower, as well as with the condenser.

Tune-Up Needs

The problem could be that the unit has not been serviced in years. Cleaning out the unit, cleaning the coils and sensors, adding refrigerant, and checking all the plumbing and ductwork is something that should be done over time. This may be enough to get the unit functioning properly again.

If you keep adjusting your thermostat and your house isn't getting cooler, it's time to talk with an ac repair company. From there you can determine if there are major issues or if you just need regular maintenance.

To learn more, contact an air conditioning company.

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