Ready For A Kitchen Remodel? Check Out These Popular Trends

Has it been a while since you've upgraded your kitchen? Now is the perfect time to revamp a boring, tired kitchen space. But where do you start? Several styles are trending. Find a contractor that will make your dream space a reality. It's up to you to take what you really love in a kitchen and make it your own. Check out these style trends. 

Natural Textures

Natural elements are a popular style choice in modern kitchens. This starts with the flooring on up. Popular eco-friendly options include bamboo and eucalyptus flooring types. They are designed to look similar to natural hardwood but at a fraction of the cost. They are an eco-smart choice that many general contractors are now using in new builds and kitchen remodels. From there, wood, slate, and stone elements can be used to accent countertops, windows, and trim. A natural kitchen is the perfect solution for an environmental-friendly household that recycles and repurposes both in and out of the kitchen.  

Open Storage Concept

A popular style trend involves openly displaying vintage dishes along with pots and cutting boards. It starts with an open-storage concept in the kitchen and dining area. Ask your general contractor to install a few open shelves or make the cabinets door-free. The result will be an organic look that adds interest and contrast to the kitchen space. It's perfect for displaying dinnerware, especially if there's an existing pantry for food and miscellaneous storage. Friends and family will feel welcome to grab what they need and may even help out with prepping the next meal. 

Everything Farmhouse

The farmhouse look is taking the design stage by storm. It involves white shiplap walls, natural countertops, and black accents throughout. It starts with a solid vision of both design and function. Large farmhouse tables, apron sinks, and glass-covered cabinet doors are just a few fundamentals found in every farmhouse-style kitchen. It's a working kitchen with clean-cut design elements. Contractors often build their own shiplap walls and concrete countertops custom for their clients. If you want a kitchen that will be the perfect backdrop for an old-fashioned holiday dinner, a general contractor can help.  

Repurposed Items

Is there an old house on your street that is getting ready to be torn down? Ask the homeowner if they are willing to sell or give away any hardware, wood, or fixtures before the house is demolished. Some people have sales, while others just haul everything to the dump. This is where you can find some pretty amazing things like old light fixtures, countertops, woodwork, and flooring that can be reused and repurposed for your remodel. 

Meeting with a general contracting expert is the first step in mapping out your dream kitchen remodel. Making sure you are both on the same page will ensure that the project will be a success. Contact a general contracting service to learn more.

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