Having Groceries & Necessities Delivered Regularly? Get a Porch Built!

One of the many things people have learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is how nice it is to be able to order groceries and necessities online and have them delivered the same day or the following day. One thing that may hold some people back from ordering food and necessities for delivery is the inability to provide a space or area to keep the deliveries safe until they're able to move them indoors. If this sounds like your predicament, consider installing a porch at an entrance to your home. Here's what you need to know.

A Porch Is a Good Place to Hold Deliveries & Packages

A porch is a structure attached to the entrance of a house. It's typically a covered space or area that provides shelter when someone enters or leaves the home. It can be large enough to have a seating area for the residents to enjoy time outdoors without being subjected to inclement weather. It's an excellent place for the placement of deliveries and packages until the homeowner can relocate the items indoors. 

Visit the Building Code Authority & Storm Water Management Offices

Before you can begin construction of a porch at an entrance to your home, you'll need to make sure to visit your local building code authority and storm water management offices so you can get a list of the guidelines and regulations that you'll need to adhere to. That way, you won't put yourself at risk of being heavily fined for building the porch out of the building code regulations or putting your neighbors at risk for excessive storm water runoff. Doing this can help you plan what type of supporting structure you'll need as well, such as concrete footing. 

Design Your Porch to Specifically Meet Your Needs

With the list of requirements and regulations from the building code authority and storm water management offices in hand, you can then decide what attributes you want your porch to have to meet your needs. You may prefer to have the porch partially or fully enclosed, depending on the type of weather your area experiences year round. You can ask the porch builders to build bench seating as well as compartments to hold the deliveries and packages. Then, when you place orders for grocery deliveries, you can include instructions as to where you want the packages to be left on the porch, whether that's on the bench seats or in the compartments the porch builder designs for you to meet this specific need.

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