Repairing The Problems Your Foundation Can Experience

Foundation damage has the potential to drastically reduce the stability and structural integrity of your home. While this type of damage occurring represents a serious situation for your house, there are concrete foundation services that can assist you with handling many of the more commonly encountered damages and problems that residential foundations can experience.

Uneven Settling Of The Foundation

Over the years following the construction of your home, it may settle some in the soil. Unfortunately, it can be possible for the foundation to start to settle unevenly. This can lead to alignment problems for the frame of the house, and it can lead to the weight of the structure being unevenly distributed. This will result in large cracks or other damages occurring to the foundation. There are steps that can be used to effectively stabilize and support the foundation to limit these problems. One option can be to gently raise the foundation and place supports under it. A thorough inspection of the foundation and an assessment of the surrounding soil will be needed to determine the best steps for mitigating the settling issues that the home is experiencing.

Poor Foundation Drainage

Inadequate drainage of the area around the foundation can be a major problem for your home. If the runoff is not able to effectively drain away from the home, it can allow the moisture to soak into the concrete foundation where it may cause it to degrade. In addition to protecting the foundation against substantial moisture damage, actively improving the drainage around the home can also help to improve the quality of your landscaping and minimize erosion. This is due to the fact that large standing puddles or rushing waters will be less likely to disturb the soil or harm the plants that you are growing.

Cracks Forming

A cracked foundation can be an issue that many homes will eventually encounter. When the foundation develops cracks in it, there are resins and concrete patches that can be used to close the opening and strengthen it. Homeowners will often fail to take the need to repair these small cracks in the foundation seriously. However, the immense strain that the foundation experiences can cause even small cracks to grow in size if they are not repaired. At the first sign of this type of cracking occurring, a repair service should be hired to address the immediate damage to the foundation as well as to determine the cause of these cracks.

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