A Stump Grinding Service Gets Rid Of An Ugly Stump In Your Yard So You Can Plant Something In Its Place

If there's a stump in your yard that's attracting insects, looks ugly, or is in the way when you mow the lawn, consider having it removed by a stump grinding service. Stumps can be difficult to remove, and that's one reason they are often left behind after a tree is cut down.

The problem is that it can take many years for a stump to decay and disappear. Grinding is a quick and easy way to get rid of a stump that doesn't involve digging or pulling it out of the ground. Here's how it works. 

A Few Factors Affect The Cost

Stump grinding services aren't too expensive, but several factors determine the cost. The size of the stump matters since a larger stump will cost more to grind away. Plus, the type of tree plays a role in the cost since some trees are hardwood while others are softer. The location of the stump might matter too since a stump that's against the side of your house or a fence might be more challenging to remove.

Yard Protection May Be Needed

Bits of wood may go flying as the saw cuts away the stump. The flying projectiles could hit your windows or car and cause damage. Because of that, the stump grinding service may set up barriers in your yard that stop flying debris from going very far.

Personal protection for the saw operator is needed too since a grinder is dangerous to work with and makes a lot of noise. The grinding service makes sure everyone is safe while the work is going on, and that might include making sure no one but employees are in the yard at the time.

Stump Grinding Is Done With A Saw

Stump grinding machines come in different sizes, but they all use a saw to grind away at the stump. The operator moves the saw blade back and forth so the top and sides of the stump are slowly ground into bits of wood that look like mulch.

This process might take a long time with a large stump of hardwood, but it goes fairly quickly on rotted wood and small stumps. The grinding is done below the soil line so all evidence of the tree is removed.

Stump Grinding Doesn't Tear Up Your Yard

An advantage of stump grinding is that it doesn't destroy part of your yard like pulling out a stump does. A hole is left behind, but that can be filled with the mulch left behind or new soil depending on whether you want to plant something in the hole. Once the hole is filled in, grass can be planted over the area or sod put down so your yard looks like a stump was never there.

Contact a local stump grinding service to learn more. 

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