3 Ways To Use Glass When Refacing Your Cabinetry

Refacing your cabinets can be a cost-saving way to upgrade your cabinets and ensure that they look entirely different. If you've been curious about updating your cabinets with glass panels, there are a lot of options to explore that vary in appearance. 

Finding the right changes to make to your cabinets can be tricky, making it best to explore the differences between the available glass panels. 

Clear Glass Fronts

Clear glass fronts are the most standard option for glass panels to use with your cabinets. The opacity of these glass panels makes it easy to see inside the cabinets. This can make them an excellent choice if you want to show off the contents of your cabinets, such as when you have beautiful dishes you want to be displayed in your kitchen.

Clear glass can add a lot of light to your kitchen since it makes the space look larger and reduces the likelihood that the kitchen feels closed in. Framing the glass panels in a way similar to a window can give your kitchen an entirely different look and make it easy to enjoy the upgrade they make to the room. 

Frosted Glass

If you're interested in updating the cabinets with glass panels, but hesitant due to concerns over the inside of the cabinets being displayed, consider frosted glass. Frosted glass is a type of glass that has been treated with a process that makes the light pass through it differently and reduces opacity. This gives your kitchen cabinets a bit more privacy, while still having the open and fresh style you want for your kitchen. 

Glass and Solid Panels

As you shop for new cabinet panels to have installed, you'll want to see how glass and solid wood can be combined. Reserving glass panels for the bottom or upper cabinets can allow you to combine two different styles and makes it easier to give your kitchen a lot of personality. 

Combining solid wood and glass for some of the cabinets can save you money since you won't be refacing all your cabinetry simultaneously.

Changing the look of your kitchen cabinets can give you a huge opportunity to update the space. If you've made the decision to reface the cabinets rather than replace them altogether, it's wise to see what your options are for glass panels. If you're interested in using glass panels, the above ideas can match you with glass that gives your kitchen the look you want. For more information on kitchen cabinets, contact a professional near you.

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