Dumpsters Are A Good Way To Handle Construction Waste

Construction projects generate a lot of waste. There is stuff that may have been demolished as well as all the waste generated by the construction project itself. While some of this waste can be set out for a  waste removal service to pick up at the curb, most of it cannot. Some of the waste produced on construction sites can be hazardous, while other items are just too bulky. This means that the contractor needs to arrange to have all the trash removed from the construction site. There are different ways that the trash can be removed. One is to have dumpsters placed on the site. This can be a good choice for several reasons.

Different Sizes

One reason that using dumpsters can be a good idea is that they come in a variety of sizes. This means that a contractor or someone doing the construction work can easily get a dumpster that will hold a large amount of construction waste. A large construction site may need to have more than one dumpster because this site is large enough that it would be inconvenient for the workers to carry waste all the way across the construction site. Even a large dumpster can be filled up quickly on a large site.


When a contractor leases a dumpster from a waste removal company, they can make a schedule for the dumpsters to be emptied. The waste removal company can either come and dump the dumpsters into a truck and truck the waste away, or they can pick up the dumpster and leave a new empty one behind. Having that schedule in place can help the contractor to plan their work. For example, if the dumpster gets emptied two times a week, the contractor may want to wait to do part of the job which will generate a lot of waste until after the dumpster is replaced.

Final Disposal

The waste removal company will be in charge of the final disposition of the construction waste. Some of that waste will need to be handled in a Pacific Way. For example, paint, varnishes, and stain can't go into the normal landfill. They have to be taken to a hazardous waste site. The waste removal company can set up a particular dumpster for those kinds of materials so that they can put them where they belong.

Construction sites generate a lot of waste, and the contractor needs to figure out a way to handle all that waste. One way is to work with a trash removal company that leases dumpsters.

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