Commercial Asphalt Paving Services And Parking Lot Rejuvenation

If your parking lot looks old and run down, it may be time to have it replaced. Since tearing out an old lot and putting in a new one can be very disruptive for your business, you might prefer to rejuvenate the asphalt if possible. One way to do this is by resurfacing it. You'll need to talk to a commercial asphalt paving contractor to see if this is an option for you. Here are some steps involved.

Assess The Lot

Your parking lot may not be a good match for resurfacing if it has too much damage. If the base under the asphalt has washed away or is unstable, it's not a good idea to put new asphalt on top since it won't be long before it cracks too. The paving contractor has to check the condition of the base as well as the asphalt layer. As long as the asphalt has a moderate amount of damage that's mostly superficial, then resurfacing might be able to save your parking lot.

Mill Off The Surface

Resurfacing involves putting new asphalt on the parking lot. Part of the old asphalt has to be cut off first. This is necessary so the new asphalt bonds well and the surface imperfections are cut away. The depth asphalt is cut out equals the depth of the new layer of asphalt. This ensures your new lot will be level with curbs.

Milling is done with heavy machinery and it leaves debris behind that has to be cleaned up and removed. When the top part of the asphalt is milled away, the middle layer is exposed. This reveals deeper damage if there is any. If potholes or cracks are seen, they need to be repaired before new asphalt is put down.

Resurface The Lot

If you need to use your parking lot for employees and customers, the commercial asphalt paving contractor may work on a portion of the lot at a time. The area needs to be roped off before milling starts and stay roped off until the asphalt cures and can be driven on.

Hot asphalt is applied and compacted by a machine that can do precision work. The new layer will be the exact depth needed. It will be free of damage and have a dark look. When all sections of the lot are complete, your parking lot will look brand new at a much lower cost than replacing it. Resurfacing could give your parking lot several more years of life so you can put off a replacement for years.

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